Welcome !  I have realized that art is truly my passion. I am working harder and harder to make it in the creative field of the art industry while going to college and developing more of my skills.

I hope that you enjoy and all if my work! Please forward any questions (or make a request) you may have below in the comment area. Thank you for your support and please share with your friends…

Alexandra Miller


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I LOVE your work!!!!
    I’ve bought a poster from you at DCC today, I was that girl dressed up as noface and It would be dope if you guys could send me the picture you tpok of me to my email!
    Keep it up with the drawing, you are amazing!

  2. Hi Lena, I’m so sorry for the miscommunication but those pieces that you bought are only prints. We had run out of so many stickers that we decided to display those prints on our sticker display so they would be seen. Again, sorry for the miscommunication.

  3. Hi Alex this is Randy from narrative design class at ccd. Sorry I missed you at DCC it was just so packed but I am glad you have great time. So my wife and son and I would like to meet up with you about the manga they are writing. To see what you can do with there characters or have some ideas you might have. You can email me at r_cisneros@outlook.com and see where we can meet up.

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